Network Solutions

Maintaining your network's architecture with current technology standards can be a tedious process. Implementing hardware, wiring and proper configuration are just a few elements that play a role in how smoothly and quickly a network will operate.

How it's done.

Architects always start with a plan, or maybe even a rendering. They begin with the end in mind. Similarly, Vulcan Business Solutions works in tandem with clients to cultivate a technology blueprint that is used as a baseline. Attention to factors such as number of users, budget and others are used in the construction of client networks.

What we do.

Network Administration

Whether you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Local Area Network (LAN) or global solutions, we can build to scale and need. Utilizing functional relationships to construct a solid platform for your company involves a few basic hardware building blocks. Through the use of network interface cards, routers, repeaters, hubs, bridges and switches, a customized network is formed. Vulcan Business Solutions offers remote desktop support to all clients, which aids in rapid troubleshooting and problem resolution to keep you up and running.

Network Servers

Typically used to control and manage network resources, servers are classified according to the service that they provide. For instance, file servers maintain and store files, print servers manage printing needs for single or multiple printers and network servers regulate overall traffic and operations. Servers are the most integral part of a network and they require basic needs such as a temperature-controlled environment to eliminate downtime, adequate CPU and processor speeds for productivity and type of operating system for performance among users.

Vulcan Business Solutions works with several network systems including, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Linux/Unix
  • Novell

Network Hosting

Deciding what company to host with is a decision that requires careful consideration. Accessibility to your data when you need it and trustworthiness regarding privacy of information are critical key factors when it comes to selecting a network host provider. Vulcan Business Solutions provides a clean, secure and compliant hosting environment for your website, internal data and electronic information. A remote data storage facility provides an offsite back-up solution so that clients can rest assured that their material is protected.

Here are just few (we offer many more) of our available hosting services:

  • Website hosting
  • SQL server hosting
  • POP / IMAP email hosting
  • DNS hosting
  • Remote backup services

Network Security

Thwarting hackers and safeguarding data against malware attacks are everyday challenges that computer networks face. Like a steadfast technology sentry, Vulcan Business Solutions incorporates Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques to protect network-accessible resources from unauthorized access. Continuous monitoring and measurement of network security effectiveness fortifies policies while granting enough wiggle-room to adjust procedures when necessary.


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